Saturday, 3 December 2005

Sundry news

Rain, rain, rain…

Gome writes:

It's raining here now and kids on the street are having a very rough time as they have no where dry to sleep coupled with massive hunger. They are living on mangos and throw away foodstuffs from bins. There's been a sudden influx of kids most of who where under our care a few years ago but left for other cities. It's painful to walk in town because there are kids at every turn asking for food of a Kwacha.

Richard, the twins and the other boy James finally completed their final exams on 27th November. This marks another milestone. We will now try our best to get them employment while they wait for their results so that they can be able to save some money from their incomes to pay college fees when they are admitted.

Kamfwa's mum passed away early this year but he is doing a bit of business in Chipulukusu selling salaula, toys and such small merchandise. He also sells sweets in town through his friend. We've spoken a great to him with the hope that he will not squander the opportunity to rebuild his shattered past.