Saturday, 24 December 2005

Moving on

Hopefully to greener pastures…

Gome sent me this:

Richard and his friends have plans to study at university. Richard wishes to study Law, James economics, Remmy accounting, while the other intend to do medicine. The jobs I'm arranging for them are aimed at assisting them with upkeep while they save something to go towards their study expenses when they go to university or college.

Kamfwa is still in touch with me. He cannot go back to school because he is a young man now. He learnt carpentry while in remand and he says lack of tools is hampering him from practicing the trade.

As at now we focus more on those going to school due to meagre resources hence we cannot provide regular meals as it was the case sometime back.

We will have a small Christmas celebration service on Sunday 25th December followed by a meal. I expect approximately 100 children to attend. We will use the occassion to give them fatherly advice.

Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a blessed new year 2006.