Friday, 4 February 2005


Otherwise I'm hopeful…

Gome writes:

The festivities went well with almost 100 children getting warm clothing and meals on Christmas and New Year's days. We also handed out some anti malaria pills and dewormers. Further we visited some of the kids' families and helped out with medicines and a little food.

It's raining really hard though it's warm during the day. The kids on the street are hard hit because trenches are wet and they are chased from corridors, so they have to sleep upright by leaning against the wall so they could easily escape when confronted by watchmen.

As for the school going children they have been chased so I have been out all week begging for time as I look for help to settle something. People who volunteered to assist some of the kids have not come forward yet. This year has been hard because even books have been difficult to get. Otherwise I am hopeful the situation will improve soon.